Malls are outdated : Now, start shopping on moon!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Amazing, but true!

Moonshop is a website that sells land on the moon.
The MoonShop is a part of the Lunar Embassy Computer Center.
The MoonShop webserver is soley dedicated to the sale of extraterrestrial properties on the Moon. It therefore only contains information relating to the Moon. For all general information regarding extraterrestrial properties, please check out the brandnew and totally hot .

All the things are guranteed:
All of the certificates are printed on 11 inch x 14 inch simulated parchment paper suitable for framing. (And the way, they look great on the wall! Guaranteed to make any visitor to your home or office green with envy!) Apart from those, you still of course get a copy of the short story called "You own the WHAT?", which contains a copy of the declaration of ownership that was filed with the United Nations, as well as the US and Russian governments. All documents are in English.

What's Sold?
The following Map of the Moon, shows you, where parts of the Lunar surface have already been sold and where sales are continueing. It also shows you all the current locations for the Lunar Reserve Areas and Cities. Please don't hold your breath. The Map shows only the side of the Moon facing earth. The entire map represents several billion properties. That sounds a large number but please remember there are no oceans on the Moon to take 70% of the space away. So, as you can see, even after 20 years in business, we are only at the beginning of this adventure. This Map will be updated on an irregular basis, that is, when changes become visible on the map's scale.

For More Information : Moonshop