Richard McConathy : Dallas Country White Collar Crime Attorney

Friday, August 07, 2009

Are you really stuck up in a criminal case and seeking a person who can get you out or who can really help you to solve this case? Well, I got a right person for you that is Mr. Richard McConathy.

He is a very successful attorney in Dallas. His clients have been charged with assault, drug possession, family violence assault, unlawful carrying of a weapon, evading arrest, theft, aggravated assault, deadly conduct, felony drug possession and homicide. So, if you are charged with any of the above charges, then he is the right person who can get you out of it.

Mr. McConathy's team comprises of extremely experienced and talented attorneys, who are always there to help you out. If they think that they would not be able to help you, then they would straight away tell you and guide you accordingly, so that you dont waste your time on such things.

In short, he believes that his win lies in the victory of his client and he would do anything possible to win his clients.

Please allow several hours for your first visit. If you have been charged with a crime in the North Texas area, you need a lawyer who truly cares and can be your strongest ammunition towards a clear record. At the law offices of Richard C. McConathy, they care about what happens to you and it will show in our defense strategies. Call their offices at once to schedule your consultation.

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