Use your Flash Drive as RAM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Till this date, Microsoft’s windows had two options for the memory requirement of the computer, so that the computing can be done at cheaper rates and that too without installing the physical memory.

1. Physical Memory(RAM)
2. Page File(A virtual memory file, stored on hard drive)

But now, if you want to run windows vista, then its necessary for you to have atleat 512 MB RAM on your PC. And, as it is the minimum requirement, you can run only the basic version of Windows Vista. Now, I have found out cheaper ways for you to upgrade your memory.

You can use your flash drive as your RAM which is cheaper and easy to use. To start using your flash drive as RAM, follow the following steps:

1. Open my computer
2. Click on the removable disk drive and select properties
3. Click on ReadyBoost Tab
4. Enable the feature by selecting the option and allocate the amount of space that you want to use as memory

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