Apple unveils the all new iPod Touch

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dont get confused with the above image. Its not the iPhone. Its the all new iPod Touch launched by Apple just two days ago.

I know you will be running to the stores right now to get one, but wait, and see its specifications before you buy it.

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Multi-touch Interface
The revolutionary technology that made iPhone a hit is now on one amazing iPod. (Read More)

WideScreen for watching movies
Touch your music in Cover Flow and watch video on a stunning, widescreen display. (Read More)

Wi-Fi Web Browsing
Browse the web with Safari and watch YouTube videos on the first-ever Wi-Fi iPod.

Music Downloads From iTunes Store
Search, preview, and buy songs from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on iPod.

Watch YouTube Videos
If you feel that you are addicted to YouTube, then its the best thing you can get.

In short, the new iPod Touch is a masterpiece and you dont even have to think before buying it.

So, just rush to your nearest store and get yourself one.


Anonymous said...

if the new ipod and iphone are the same price and the iphone can call people on top of what the ipod does, why wouldnt you just go with the iphone if your going to spend $399 for it?

Suril Vithalani said...

but you cant get the iphone in 30gb and 80gb models!!

Anonymous said...

exactly what im saying. iphone gives less than the ipod at the same price. who would be enough of an idiot to buy the new ipod? dont people think about these things?