Monetize your blog with Nautanki TV

Saturday, May 12, 2007

An online advertising company showing TV ads on your blog. Its an Indian company paying you in INR. It has six different channels. You have to select one of the channel which you want to show on your website or blog.

But, its very smart. It records your IP and shows the time at which you logged in to your account and from which IP. So, it will catch if you generate invalid impressions or create invalid clicks.

Its very fast too. It instantly records your page impressions within a second and shows it in the log of your account. So, just sign up and start earning.

Nautaki.TV Publishers | Nautanki TV


raghav said...

This is such a failing business model~~~i heared an inside news that they are not even able to pay their rent and other such bills~~~HAHA~~~this is what happens
when stupid people with no entreprenurial skills try to think that they are smart businessman~~~and they say that they pay you for showing off their content~~BULL****~~pay your bills first.
then pay your customers~~~i hope all the bloggers stay away from their content~~~i dont think they will be able to pay you~~~BEWARE~~~

meesha said...


these new start ups. i think most of them are fraud. i better stay away from