Next Gen Processors : Core 2 Quad

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New power, new speed. Quad-core from Intel.

Leaders of the pack seeking monster performance, look no further. With four execution cores, the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor blows through processor- intensive tasks in demanding multitasking environments and makes the most of highly threaded applications. Whether you're creating multimedia, annihilating your gaming enemies, or running compute-intensive applications at one time, new quad-core processing will change the way you do everything. Pioneer the new world of quad-core and unleash the power of multithreading.


Intel® Quad-core Technology
Intel® Virtualization Technology±
Intel® Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology
Intel® Execute Disable Bit°
Intel® 64-bitΦ

8MB L2 Cache

Clock Speed : 2.40 GHz

Front Side Bus : 1066 MHz

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